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Owning, managing and operating a small business isn’t easy. Like most small businesses, yours started with a dream and a business plan, centered on something you know a lot about. Unless you started an Information Technology (IT) company, chances are your business operations don’t focus on IT. In the beginning, your IT strategy and service needs may have been very simple, but as it’s grown, your business has become increasingly more IT dependent, and your IT needs increasingly more complex. Keeping up with technology changes, managing ongoing costs and future risks, and simply providing an efficient IT environment that enables your daily operations is taking more and more of your time and resources.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your time focusing on your business?


Perhaps you have a company or individual who keeps your IT systems operational, and they do a pretty good job. If you ask them a technical question, you get a technical answer. However, if you ask them a business question, such as “Can you develop a cost-case with an ROI analysis on this software we are considering implementing”, the answer is “No”.


WSA Outsourced CIO is a professional service which will enable your company to leverage very powerful tools: Knowledge and Expertise. Our consultants have years of experience across multiple industries. They understand both the “Bits and Bytes” and “Dollars and Cents” sides of the “IT Equation”.


WSA Can help you:

  • Reduce overall IT operating costs

  • Improve overall operating efficiency

  • Plan your multi-year IT strategy

  • Plan and implement new technologies

  • Meet regulatory compliance, such as HIPPA, PCI, etc.

  • Develop IT standards, policies, and governance

  • Leverage technology to achieve and maintain a competitive edge

  • Vendor selection, consolidation, and management

  • IT/Telecom/Internet/Copier contract negotiation and management


Whether you are facing short-term challenges, or planning for the long haul, WSA Outsourced CIO can help. We offer both project-based and on-going/recurring engagements… at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone who has both the IT knowledge and business expertise that you need.



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