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WSA NOC911: Control IT Costs

Question: How do I control my rising IT operation costs without sacrificing my level of support?

This can be a difficult business challenge. Perhaps you have an in-house IT staff, or you have outsourced to an IT services provider. You are delaying projects or deferring hardware replacement to keep your IT costs down, but it's not enough. You are just trying to maintain your IT environment and your costs are still rising.


Answer: WSA NOC911

WSA NOC911 is a Steady State Management service program that combines proactive monitoring of your IT environment, a US-based helpdesk, and Level 1 & 2 remote support and Level 3 on-site support, for a fixed, per-device monthly fee. WSA NOC911 services are scalable, covering desktop/laptop PCs, Servers, Network devices such as printers, and network components such as routers and switches. WSA NOC911 services are flexible, allowing you to add or remove devices from the program, as your environment changes. The service is cost-effective, as the flat fee covers the majority of IT-related issues most frequently encountered.



Service Description

The WSA NOC911 Support Service is a managed service whereby WSA will monitor and provide helpdesk support on enrolled/supported devices; remote Level 1 & 2 technical support and on-site Level 3 technical support as part of a per-device monthly recurring charge (MRC). 

Key elements of the service:

  • 24x7x365 agent-based monitoring of enrolled/supported devices (servers, PCs, Laptops, network-attached components such as switches, routers, printers and storage)

  • WSA operated Help Desk, staffed 07:00 am EST to 05:00 pm EST, Monday-Friday

  • Emergency After-Hours Alerts and Calls are routed to tech-on-duty

  • Service and Support Client Portal access for your key personnel

  • Audit & Inventory

  • Monitoring

  • Remote Access (Remote desktop and server support and maintenance)

  • Patch Management

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Antivirus & Antimalware

  • Network Monitoring

  • Directory Services

  • Policy Management

  • Desktop Policy Management

  • Desktop Migration

  • Imaging & Deployment

  • Service Desk & Ticketing

  • Info Center

  • IT Service Delivery Kit

  • Standard/Custom Reports

  • Lo Jacking for PCs, Laptops, and Mobile Devices (Theft recovery service) (Tracks, locates, locks, deletes, and recovers data)

WSA NOC911 Benefits

  • Improve your uptime and service response

  • Reduce your IT service costs and maintenance expenditures

  • Stabilize your budget with predicable monthly costs

  • Improve productivity and efficiency



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