Disasters can strike when least expected. This is why all organizations need a plan to make sure their business is ready for anything, and can function even after a catastrophe. WSA specializes in Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning and offers a line of products that will allow any organization to continue operating under the worst circumstances. Whether it's a flood, fire, computer virus or pandemic, if your organization has a COOP plan, conducts COOP training and exercises - you'll get through any crisis and get back on your feet serving your customers.


COOP plans are guidelines ensuring your company can carry on all essential functions in case of a natural or man-made disaster. Disasters (the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina) highlighted the necessity of companies having a COOP plan. A COOP plan outlines steps a business will take in the event a disaster interrupts normal daily operations. Continuity plans require a business to designate functions as essential or nonessential. Essential functions are those jobs employees must perform regardless of circumstances. Obviously essential functions will differ from business to business. Each business must ensure resources to support a critical function have been planned, procured, implemented and tested prior to disaster striking.


Implementing a Telework program, working remotely from home or another location, is an important aspect of COOP. Because a critical element of a Continuity of Operations plan is providing an alternate location from which to perform critical job tasks, allowing employees to occasionally Telework is a way to test and verify your COOP plan.


 How do you get Started?

Contact WSA and learn how our solutions will ensure your organizations Continuity of Operations. 


Most organizations have some form of a COOP in place. However, WSA has learned many of the plans do not address the organizations IT infrastructure. WSA will design the IT infrastructure, procure, and implement the Hardware and Software required for your organization to ensure you can conduct business when disaster strikes. In short, we are strategic advisors in COOP planning and design.



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