T2BA: Facing the IT Dilemma

It's a simple fact: the IT infrastructure you are relying on to support your business is a challenge to manage.  It is growing in complexity, and your business is becoming more and more dependent upon technology every day. The cost of hardware, software, network access, and most of all, the people to manage this is increasing as well. Your knowledge-based employees must have an ever increasing set of tech-skills, just to complete their daily work and IT problems directly impact their productivity.


Is your IT service model aligned to your business? Can your organization access and leverage critical data? Do you have a policy-driven IT architecture? Are you compliant with regulatory requirements? Do you know what the value of your data is?


What is T2BA?

Technology To Business Alignment (T2BA® ) is a consulting methodology which combines a study of the client’s business model, with the application of industry-specific IT Best Practices. The objective of T2BA is to develop an IT service model that is fully aligned and supportive of the client’s business.


T2BA Approach

Our analysis begins with mapping your key business functions, and identifying the requisite IT dependencies for each step in your business workflow. We measure these dependencies against established industry best-practices, and conduct a gap analysis. We develop a remediation plan that is geared toward  maximum ROI, and develop an IT service model that is fully aligned to your business,  to include an IT governance and Information Lifecycle Management policy. Each recommendation we make is fully supported by a ROI/TCO-based business case.




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