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Application Development Services

The boundaries of most modern computing seem to only be limited by economic rationale. With Moore's Law holding true year after year, computing power has been improving exponentially, and the question facing most application development projects is no longer "what can we do?" but rather, "can we do it cost-effectively?" With the computing power and speed of today's processors, development teams rarely have to worry about processing power to run their applications; they only have to worry about providing the required functionality within budget.


WSA's Application Development team provides clients with a team of associates skilled in technologies that support a wide range of Internet/Intranet applications development. Our associates are proven professionals with experience in object-oriented development, open systems, data warehousing, data modeling, database management, and n-tier architecture. We offer a broad range of service methods including total outsourcing, project management, and staff augmentation.


Web Development Services

WSA builds intuitive, visually pleasing, and technically capable web sites and offer complete Internet packages—from concept to completion. Our talent consists of seasoned Software Engineers having developed applications in the latest technologies. WSA Software Engineers are well versed in leading technologies such as ASP.NET, SOA, SOAP, AJAX, DHTML, JSON, UML, Used Case Analysis, C#, SQL Server, Oracle, BizFlow, and Plumbtree. WSA follows a RAD and/or Extreme Programming approach to all Software Development projects and many of our Software Engineers have been involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Whether the project consists of customizing COTS software or developing a total custom software solution, WSA knows how to deliver!


WSA offers in-house graphic services that provide powerful designs that clearly communicate our customers' messages. Our focus is on ensuring that our designs are sophisticated and workable. WSA learns about client organizations, evaluates their objectives, and produces unique visuals to help build their business.



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