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WSApresence Calipari content at UK, not moved by NBA http://t.co/Z9USrRi4iB via @espncbb - Because college doesn't have a salary cap!! Couldn't resist!
WSApresence McAfee outlines its plan to secure the Internet of Things via @ZDNet, @natalienoell http://t.co/LJK1xolC2w - A good read!
WSApresence RT @HITNewsTweet: "The biggest unintended consequence of #meaningfuluse, in my instance, was that I lost my job." http://t.co/ganujo52pD
WSApresence Supervising IT security across a large healthcare network | http://t.co/GlptZ2AZLu: http://t.co/lBszqJlbIf
WSApresence Starkey: NHL stuck in stone age http://t.co/YubbYG20oG via @triblive
WSApresence Cyber Security is a never ending battle! Computers can be hacked with high-frequency sounds | Fox News http://t.co/MyAiaqMjby via @foxnews